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I have another newbie question. I've been looking at the interface document for this nexia module that I downloaded, but can't seem to figure out how to control the volume. I think I need to use SEND_LEVEL to my virtual device, but don't know the string to send. The object in the nexia code I want to control has an instance tag of "VOL"

Also when calling presets, should I be calling AUDIOPROCPRESET-1 or AUDIOPROCPRESET-1001?

Any help would be appreciated.



  • cblumcblum Junior Member Posts: 19


    The send command to Change the Volume is:

    SEND_STRING dvNexia_01,"'SET ',ITOA(nDeviceIdNumber),' FDRLVL ',ITOA(cVolumeIDNumber),' ',ITOA(cLevelIDNumber),' -',ITOA(VolumeLevel),$0A"

    More information see attachment:

  • javedwahidjavedwahid Junior Member Posts: 37
    Thanks, I'm assuming the CVolumeIDNumber is the instance id, what about the cLevelIDNumber, where do I get that from and how do I determine the ndeviceIdNumber?
  • rynandorynando Junior Member Posts: 68
    The RS-232 guide posted above explains everything. The instance ID can be had by clicking on the object in the designer. It's in a grayed out box. I think you can only see it if you're disconnected from the device . . . when you're not controlling it via the designer. The other number is like a channel number . . . index numbers I think they're called. Faders have one, matrix objects have two. They identify the location of the item in the object which you'd like to control.

    The best thing to do is to pick a simple object (fader, mute, etc), connect to the Nexia using the designer, and then send the Nexia commands using Netlinx studio and watch the results.
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