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NSX4 and G3 panels

Stephen BoltonStephen Bolton Junior MemberPosts: 345
Pleased to see the improvements in NSX 4.

Having said that, I had reason to open a workspace today that includes some CA10 G3 panels (used for welcome/security keypads) and G4 panels for sys control. Yes the G3's are old enough, but still bright and clear and totally functional mounted in the wall.....

Upon commencement of opening the .apw in NSX4, it advised that G3 panel files are not supported and it would delete the reference from the .apw.

Why on earth?! If I did do that, then the .apw file is broken for NSX3 too.

Escape, cancel, close NSX 4 find NSX 3 (luckily still installed) open project.

So it seems I absolutely positively have to have NSX 3 and 4 from now on, until the G3 panels utter their last gasp.


Clicking a TP file in the tree simply launches any TPD app - so I still see no reason why NSX4 needs to remove this ability just for a G3. It's merely managing a 'hyperlink' is it not?

Is it related to the embedded File Transfer? Maybe. I am used to clicking and opening a TP file from the tree in NSX, then I would make TPDx do the download. I rarely ever ask NSX to download tpd files.

But now I can't even do this.

Be very interested in the rationale.


  • GregGGregG Just some guy... Posts: 249
    Opening the project with NS4 won't automatically remove the TPD files from the project on the disk, that only happens when you save a change to the project file itself.

    There are quite a few projects I have been working with recently where I have made and saved changes to just the code, but every time when I open the old project file it still has the mappings for the TPD files.

    Going forward, TPD files can still be added as "Other" files and it will launch TPDesign3 when you double-click them, it just won't queue them up and send them as part of the project loading feature (this was only ever a last resort for G3 files anyway, axlink panel transfers are painful).
    Unfortunately, "Other" files cannot be mapped to a device number, so I have to open the project in NS3 at least one final time to make sure each G3 device listing in the code has a new comment for which file it gets.
  • rfletcherrfletcher Junior Member Posts: 217
    So it seems I absolutely positively have to have NSX 3 and 4 from now on, until the G3 panels utter their last gasp.

    Also until the Mio Keypads are completely gone, as KPD files are not supported by NSX4 as well.
  • vincenvincen Junior Member Posts: 526
    Yep I find it very st*pid to have removed capability to transfer G3*Panels !*For now I put them back in projects as other files and use File transfer to send them !
    Thanks AMX*for helping us to be more efficient :(
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