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Set Retangle, Embedded ^BMF Does NOT Work For Buttons On Subpages

I have a ModeroX G4 panel with firmware v2.104.54. Trying to use the embedded ^BMF command to set a rectangle size(button size) of a button on a subpage and it does NOT seem to work. The show/hide command(%SW) works but NOT (%R).

Has anyone experienced this problem?


  • nickmnickm Blinky Light Aficionado Posts: 152
    I have. Its been reported to TS, but I doubt at this point it will get fixed.
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    Yeah, I'd guess not likely - especially since ^BMF is not in the new G5 panels either
  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 563
    The redraw command works on sub-pages once the sub-page is anchored. The co-ordinates you send with %R reference the base page not the sub-page where the button actually is located - this is the same for popup pages.
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