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Job lost to Cre$tron

Lost a job this morning from a customer who wanted AMX but also required a wireless touch panel.


  • trobertstroberts Member Posts: 226
    You are not alone. I have a few job switching to "them" for the simple fact of no handheld remote.
  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,364
    Did they expect this wouldn't happen. If they had a decent hand held remote they would still be viable in resi and be able to take a piece of that billion dollar pie. Even with Sonos or HEOS doing the bulk of the audio on iPads and iPhone I could still get AMX into most jobs doing simple $hit like home theater and even the family room TVs if there were decent remotes and then sell small processors just doing IR even. Sure they're a little more expensive that RTI but that could be buried in the overall cost. Then I could up sell features and capabilities but now I don't even bother. They have everything to be in that market except the intelligence, desire to do so and a hand held remote. For this one missing device they miss out of an entire sector of the AV market. Mind boggling. Mean while even C4 is moving in on their commercial sector just because CEOs have it in their homes instead of AMX so when companies start looking at solutions AMX isn't even part of the conversation anymore but there's SVSi.
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