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What languages are supported in RPM?

mwilson648mwilson648 Super ModeratorPosts: 0
RPM supports English at this time. Support for additional languages is on the roadmap. These will include French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and German.


  • selinaselina Junior Member Posts: 1
    I saw a post from over a year ago, so figured I start a new one with an official request for this feature to be added, seems like the only thing my project is missing now is a way to control the microphone input gain. But don't look like RPM has that ability in any of the macros, seems like it would be a simple add on...

    I think I may just scrap the DVX design and just use a simple processor now with separate components (switcher, mixer, amp)
  • Thanks for the feedback. We will add this to our feature request list.
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