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AMX Digital Media Enclosure - DGX3200-ENC Help!

Hello. I'm doing some work for a client I picked up recently. Cox got involved and made a few changes that screwed up there network. The place has been shut down since covid started. Owners have no info or know anything about the hardware. They bought the place a few month's ago. The person that did the installation or knew anything from the previous owner passed away. Of course nothing is documented. It's a big mess of network cables in the rack. My nephew starting pulling cables before I found out of the Audio/Video stuff they had connected. Big mistake. No one knows the passwords to the cisco switches. I'm sure it had multiple vlan's configured but without access no way to find out. I replaced the network switches with new ones.

fast forward to finding out that nothing is working...

Uhhh. I then started to figured things out. I got the AMX DGX3200 online by getting the IP address from the front panel. Then I the (2) tablets should be on the same network and got those working. The AMX system was now working but they couldn't control the volume. I ask an audio guy for help and we found the computer with the software for the Harman DCi8. He did a few things and we put them in the same subnet which got it online. Good news right!

So here is where i'm stuck at.

DJ is saying that 3 projectors kept cutting out and not catching a signal. He also said the 2 tv's also had the issues.

How complicated is it to figured this out? Are there any pro's locally that I can reach to? Right now I have a family that now requires 24/7 care and I just dont have the time or stress to deal with this. I want to make it right. Any advice is appreciated and i'm willing to paypal whoever can assist me with getting this fixed.


  • dm419dm419 Posts: 2
    edited December 2020

    images of how it is setup...

    before cable mess....

    note: dj claims it worked fine a week ago when they tested it before the changes. I don't know if this is true or not.

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 397

    First, congrats on getting this far into your troubleshooting! Where is the project located? We may be able to suggest a local resource to aid you across the finish line.

    To confirm - this is what is working:
    AMX Video Switcher - DGX3200 is communicating with -
    2 mobile tablets serving as a touch panel interface
    Blu-100 is now online, connected, and controlling volume

    Are you controlling the ZeeVee HDb2540? My assumption is that this is an uncontrolled signal conversion appliance in the system.

    DJ reports that the video signal is cutting out to multiple displays. To confirm, the issue is actual video signal to the display and not control or audio to the unit? How are you connected to the displays? The DGX is a configurable card cage with different output connector types. Are you going to the display via VGA, DVI, HDMI, or HDBaseT category?

    Did the IP address of the DGX change or was it statically set and you kept things as-is after updating the network?

    From your observation, do you get signal there and then over time there is a drop and then it returns or does signal never make it to the end point?

    If the issue is intermittent, what source seems to struggle? Is it a macbook plugged into the system? Or - is it all sources at all destinations that have issues?

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