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Autonomics Mirage

Hi Eevryone. Anyone know where/if there is a prewritten module for the Mirage servers?

Thanks in advance


  • Hi Duncan,

    I'm currently doing a job with this server. I found a module from the autonomic site ( www.autonomic.biz ) but I'm afraid it is not available now.

    You can give me an email to direct contact with you..


  • sling100sling100 Posts: 123

    The one from Autonomic wasn't much good - it only controlled one panel and had loads of bugs. There's a pretty good document on their website if you need to roll your own though ....

  • Hi Guys, thanks for teh answers. George, have sent you a PM!

    Sling, I've just downloaded the document. I'll have a look at what George has and then decide whether I just need to buckle down and write one.
    This is a Cr*stron job that is being refurbed and I don't generally use Autonomics, So was hoping that there was something good already out there.
    May just have to hit it this weekend and get it done

    thanks again!!


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,718

    A note of caution - we rolled a very complete and functional UI for the Mirage series that supported simultaneous access from multiple panels and rooms. But we found it to be a moving target, despite Autonomic's documentation never being updated. They even said that there had been no changes... but things broke after several years of deployment. I believe it is most likely because of changes by the streaming companies that Autonomic was unable to keep up with. It works, mostly, but customers have not been amused by our having to tell them is isn't going to get fixed.

  • John, have you rolled a UI which supports G5 as well ? Have you also rolled a new code ?

    The available module made from Autonomic is only for G4 panels and is not supported by G5's.

    They are basically using ^ICO commands for UI buttons but G5's do not have icon slots.

    It seems very complicated for someone to attempt changing the code

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,718

    Sorry, since Autonomic was not able to assist in correcting some non-trivial user issues, we stopped supporting the units 3 years back... except for a few installed units which as I say, "mostly" work. We have no plans for G5.

  • sling100sling100 Posts: 123

    Hey George - from what I recall it's only the play/pause button that uses icons? I think I just changed it to a multistate button and did it that way. Modifying their module was painful and I wrote my own code in the end. The client wanted a 'slide' alphabet search on 25 ipads and there was no way I was running 25 instances of their module!


  • Hey Simon - the add/delete buttons are using icons as well which would be very useful to add/delete playlists, radio favorites, etc.

    By the way, to show up radio favorites category, you should write code just for it.

    How many masters are you using for the 25 iPads ? Are they working over TPControl BYOD on one master ?

    Can you share your code with us ?

  • sling100sling100 Posts: 123

    Just one master - on a single BYOD license. It's how I do all resi stuff now.

    Let me speak to the integrator about the code as he paid for it. Basically I created a module that worked in a similar fashion to the old KScape module - with a single module for each player 'instance'. This module then kept track of which panels were connected to the player at any time and pumped the relevant info out only to these units rather than all 25.

  • I'm currently doing something different.. I have divided the module instances to all masters where the panels is connected to. With that way, any master keeps only 2-3 panels instances ( except for the BYOD master which keeps about 7 panels ).
    But the most important is to "disconnect" the panel from the module once it has selected another source or has switched the music off. This stops the master sending any info to that panel.
    If the panel re selects an autonomic zone, it requests the info again and only then the master is sending whatever.

    I have not made any test yet, but I hope for the best

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