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SVSI Encoder No Audio

Has anyone experienced no audio out of a decoder when the encoder is connected to a Craptron device?
We can reliably repeat the issue with a Craptron HD4x1 switcher. When we web into the encoder, the audio says "Is analog" even though the only audio is coming in on HDMI.
If we power cycle with no HDMI into the encoder then plug it in, everything is fine but if we power cycle the encoder with the Craptron device plugged in the encoder thinks the audio is analog.
SVSI TS has checked and double checked then triple checked everything, they say its an EDID issue with Craptron which it may be but it works fine when SVSI is power cycled with HDMI plugged in.
Craptron troubleshot with me for nearly 2 hours and could not find an issue on their side.
I have booted/rebooted/every which way I can think of.



  • I have an installation of 1122's that lose audio sometimes, but I can always restore audio by power cycling the 1122. I'm manually sending stream commands to it from an AMX controller, I know it's not getting some buggy command to do something funky with audio. I'm at least one firmware revision behind on the receivers because I literally cannot get the updater to run. I was kinda hoping a new updater might work better than the existing EXE. But, no resolution for my audio yet.
  • Have you changed the audio setting from AUTO to HDMI Only on the encoder?

    If there is a better/different EDID that the switcher is looking for, you can capture it, and then set that to the encoders EDID to troubleshoot/test.

  • KennyKenny Posts: 209

    Turns out it is an EDID issue between Crestron and SVSI.
    The temporary bandaid is to boot the SVSI without Craptron plugged in it via HDMI. Once booted the plug in the HDMI and it works fine until a power cycle.
    We set it to HDMI Audio Only but it still thinks its analog audio.
    SVSI sent some FW but it didnt fix the issue.
    We identified the issue 7 months ago and still don't have a fix from either side.

  • Seb73Seb73 Posts: 1

    We still have the same issue. The decoder works, but after a while the audio is not coming through the decoder anymore. After the reboot it is there again. Still no solution.

  • What SVSI series do you use? Which firmware?

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