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Vol4 issue Connecting levels to Bargraph

sridleysridley Junior MemberPosts: 21
I am having an issue when combining the levels from 3 vol4 cards to bar graphs. This code is working well but only on one channel of the vol card (one of the stereo pair). I can rectify this by changing the Define_Connect_Level to (vdvTP, 3, dvVolOneLounge, 1, dvVolOneLounge, 2)
Again this works and the volume level on both channels go up and down together as i would expect. The issue is that when I do this the feedback/bargraph behaves oddly when I mute the channels. When the mute button is pressed the bargraph drops slightly, but the volume mutes. If I continue to press mute the bargraph continues to drop a bit at a time until eventually it reaches zero.

The only thing I can think it to keep the code as it is which all works fine but then connect the level on the other part of the stereo pair in some other way, I'm just not sure how?

Can anybody help of do this another way?


  • FrankieFrankie Junior Member Posts: 71
    I have seen this same thing before. Make sure that your Ref. is a virtual touch panel and not a real touch panel.
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