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Netlinx code to reboot master

prime95prime95 Junior MemberPosts: 2
Occasionally a power failure puts my Netlinx system in a bad state. Until I can nail the bug (s), I'd like to add a button on a secret touchpad screen that reboots the master.

The problem is: Can someone provide the source code snipet that reboots the master?



  • annuelloannuello Junior Member Posts: 294
    It's pretty straight forward.
    This sends a reboot command to device 0 - the master. BTW - you can reboot a touch panel if you specify it's device number rather than the master device number.

    Roger McLean
    Swinburne University
  • prime95prime95 Junior Member Posts: 2
    Thanks. My usual trick of finding what I need from the Netlinx keywords help didn't work this time.
  • Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Junior Member Posts: 1,164
    Just out of habit I also reboot my panel any time the master is rebooted. I had a couple of cases last year that the panel would work but the feedback would not if the master was rebooted.
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