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Not meaning to whine and gripe...

ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ postsPosts: 4,177

I've noticed this happening a few times. I wonder if there's something I can do about it.

I like to use the New Posts link to browse the forum. This morning for example, I clicked the link and there were about 10-12 or so new posts listed. I started going through them one by one down the list. I'd respond to one and then, to move on, click the New Posts link. I'd be taken to the New Posts page and the posts that I'd already visited would be no longer Bold text.

However, after about the 4th time, I clicked the New Posts link only to find that the big list was now gone and only 2 items were left. In other words, the original list of 10-12 was gone.

Is this a bug in the vBulletin software?

just curious...


  • ColzieColzie Senior Member Posts: 470
    I've seen this happen, I think there is a timeout - after a certain period of time after first looking at the "New Posts" page they all become not-new. Perhaps you took too long responding to the first few posts? ;)
  • jweatherjweather Junior Member Posts: 320
    It's a vBulletin bug. I always use the Back button to return to the list of new posts, or leave it open in one tab and open posts I read in new tabs. I've also noticed that it won't work if you go to a particular thread (or search) before opening New Posts, so I always try to do that first.

    Even doing that, the "Jump to first unread" stops working after a little while -- same bug, I'm guessing.

  • Yes sometimes it does do that, a simple workaround is to hold ctrl down and open them in new tabs, then after you review them, close the tab.

    It is a reported issue.
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