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Bidding a new job...

vegastechvegastech Junior MemberPosts: 369
I am bidding a potential upgrade opportunity, and am trying to value engineer a system to do the following:

Switch VGA to 2 displays, having potentially 5 sources, mostly vga. (PC 1, 2, 3, Satellite, DVD) Each display needs to be able to view independent material. I am considering using component-to-vga adapters and composite-to-vga adapters. I think that keeping with a VGA-only matrix would keep the costs down. Thoughts on what I can use?

Switch the same 5 sources' audio, stereo analog only. Small analog switcher?

Control to be via either an R3 or R4 (I'm thinking R4 as the dual display setup might be easier to navigate with a touchscreen) with RF gateway.

There are 8 in-ceiling speakers. I was going to use something like a rotel amp and adjust volume with the analog switcher or some Vol4s.

Existing BTX shades are relay-controlled, using 10 relays.
Existing Lutron Graphic Eye system with IR interface.

The current system is a 10 year old Cr***ron system, using relays and IR only.

I REALLY want to try to make this an AMX system if possible, but if I can't come in under budget, I'm going to have to do a URC or RTI setup. (I really want to make this work....) Ideas? Thanks everyone!


  • DiogoDiogo Junior Member Posts: 65
    For the Vga converters and matrix, I would use Kramer. I really don't know the exact models, but they probably have the product that you need for the price you need :)

    The place you maybe reduce the costs of the system is the central controller, finding the central controller that better fits in the system. The bigger problem choosing the central is the 10 relay ports, so you can choose one NXI with a master card or even a NXF cardframe with a master card, but I think this going to be the more expensive. You could choose for a NI-2100 with ICSNet/ICSHub card and a NXS-NMS with a NXC-REL10, I don't have the price list so I can't say exactly what will have less investment.
    You can also made the C**tron talk with your netlinx master under one IP. But I expect not use this option :D

    Are you going to change the displays? With the three RS-232 ports of NI-2100 you could control the Kramer, the Plasma and the projector(I believe is the Plasma and Projector are the "two displays").

    If I was you, I'll try to offer the R4 and R3, but "put all in the table", say "you can save money buying the R3, but with the R4, I could do more for you". I believe you will do more.

    Just to remember, you have computers in the room, that can also be controlled by the netlinx master, using the ip port you do a button in the programming to change the slide of a .ppt, turn on and off the computer(create a energy saver rules) things if not possible with URC and RTI, are hard to make it work.
  • vegastechvegastech Junior Member Posts: 369
    All good thoughts. The Kramer looks like a decent unit, and certainly at the right price point. Thanks for the info!
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