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Polycom camera control

AlexanderAlexander Junior MemberPosts: 18

Have anyone controlled polycom camera straight through AMX controller, not using Polycom codec, sending commands to camera as a standalone unit?

If its possible it would a chance to use 3,4 or even more cameras with polycom codec not buying additional license or hardware ;)


  • jgreer9514jgreer9514 Junior Member Posts: 23
    Eagle Eye Duet Module

    There is a duet module to control the eagle eye camera. As far as I know there is no published api for the eagle eye camera. I'm not a fan of the duet module due to not having presets and having to do do_push's for the menu to control the camera. Basically there is a menu with camera control. This has to be pressed so the buttons to control the camera will work. Just not a big fan of devices that do not have a published api.
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