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Schlage Z-wave locks. Controllable?


Schlage has the first z-wave wireless door locks to market. Can they be accessed/controlled using a zigbee gateway. Anyone tried? Schlage has their own web interface but it is a monthly fee. Not interested. I can't find whether or not their protocol is proprietary or zigbee/zigbee pro?


  • vegastechvegastech Posts: 369
    I believe it is zigbee pro. I will be interfacing with a few of them in a couple weeks using another manufacturer (unfortunately), so I will re-post with my findings.
  • terrmulterrmul Posts: 18
    Cool. Would be very interested to find out. If it'll work via the zigbee gateway...me very happy camper. ;-)
  • Schalge Link

    Did anyone ever get these to work with AMX?
  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    I have successfully integrated Kwikset locks with C4. (Not the explosive :) ) The integration was a piece of cake and it seems to work well. Not sure if the protocol is available, as I didn't have to do much more than define the lock and ID it. Not sure if this helps, but I would guess that it is very similar to the Schlage product offering. (I think C4 supports both).

    It would be nice if AMX started releasing drivers for the ZigBee Gateway. I thought originally the gateway was designed to provide integration to a whole collection of ZigBee devices, but I saw nothing and wasn't shocked as event he R4s were finicky. Then the ZigBee Pro standard was released and I heard rumors that other devices would be supported because ZigBee Pro was much more standard and easier to integrate. I was encouraged that the R4s were/are working much better, but still nothing is available to harness the power of ZigBee Pro... not even the documentation to allow us to write our own drivers.


    I think that the forum should add support for a [rant] [/rant] tag. Maybe the font could be a script font and it could be in blue. :)
  • AuserAuser Posts: 506
    Spire_Jeff wrote: »
    I thought originally the gateway was designed to provide integration to a whole collection of ZigBee devices, [...]

    I spoke to Rashid Skaf about this at a dealer conference about three years ago and he assured me that the gateways WOULD support communicating with zigbee devices from other manufacturers. Our rep dropped by a week or two ago and the marketing guff he had with him indicated that the zigbee pro gateways will support communications with other manufacturers' zigbee devices.

    Forgive me if I don't hold my breath. (Nudge, nudge, AMX - I would love to have this capability).
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