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***** Output loss repair procedure *****

DraDra Posts: 3,844
edited April 2017 in DriveRack VENU360
This problem is indicated by the output meters indicating signal, but no output (permanent or intermittent).
The output relays' solder points are fragile.
Here is the repair for this common problem.
See the images and instructions below.
Reportedly, this is the repair bulletin from DBX.



  • Can I assume this would void any available warranty if you repair this yourself?

    Is this hardware design flaw only on certain Venu360 models or production ranges? I have the newer Dante model, but I am uncertain if mine is also affected or not.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    I would assume yes (void warranty). Mine is out of warranty, so I may do the fix, before it has a chance to fail. I might call DBX tech or service and ask bluntly if it would, or maybe get a waiver (permission).
    Below is from the PSW forum.

    Quote from: Mike Caldwell on Yesterday at 08:40:27 am

    Is that problem for all 360's of just a certain production run / serial number range?

    Technote does not give a range but says "Apply to service units only" (As opposed to "Update stock and service units" or "Information only").
  • mamericamamerica Posts: 6
    I didn't see this post until after I ordered my unit.
    It doesn't say in the post but I take it that the red and black wires were originally in the female part of this connector. Is that right?
    It's hart to believe that such a part could come off. The nylon part is basically a big "hook". Does it actually come apart or is it just a lousy connection?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Not certain, but the more recent units have a different connector type and also have a dab of silicone or hot glue to hold the wires. (so I hear.) I bet the actual sockets were holding good contact tension (or easily flexed open).
  • mamericamamerica Posts: 6
    I got mine last week and decided to be proactive and make the repair. But instead of cutting off the connector, I just removed the metal parts from the Molex and soldered them onto the pins. I used heat shrink tubing to insulate them.
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