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VENU360 crossover with 2-way tops?

I'm strongly considering a dbx DriveRack VENU360 to use in the new PA that I'm putting together. I'm an experienced technologist; however, this is my first time putting together an audio system. The system will be for live use by a rock band with a singer who is a perfectionist about his sound.

The speakers under consideration are:

(2) EV-ETX-12P - "2,000W Class D amplifier with 12" woofer and 1.25" high-frequency titanium compression driver"
(1) QSC KS118 3600W subwoofer

My question is: how do I physically connect these speakers to the VENU360, given that it has dedicated low, mid, hi-frequency ports to connect to. The speakers do have two inputs; however, I don't understand if/how a crossover can route its signal to the appropriate speaker in the EV boxes.

Thanks in advance!

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