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I have 8 double 18 yamaha cw-218's running each with a qsc 2402 in bridge mono. The cabs are rated at 1200 watts each and are subwoofers. for mid range I am using JBL JRX double 15's with qsc 3402 in stereo to a set of two speakers for a total of 8 JBL JRX. For horns I use JBL 2420 1 inch horns. I would like to know what is the best settings for I should use to recieve the optimum output for my entire system espsecially the bass. I would like a heavy chest pumping but round bassline how can I achieve that. As of now the system sounds very very good. It is a very clean system I just want more. What settings should I use for crossover such as the filters and is there any delay I should use.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I guess I could do something off the top of my head...
    HPF BW18 @50hz
    LPF LR24 @ 120hz
    thats the subs
    HPF LR24 @ 120hz
    LPF LR24 @ 2khz
    the mids
    HPF LR24 @2khz
    out (means that there isnt an LPF and that the speakers will determine the upper limit with there natural limitation)
    Delay the tops around 8 - 10ms

    But this is just a rough setup, and I have no concreteevidence to back this.. see if you can find the actual crossover point that JBL suggests for the horns...

    remember to do a gain structure and ballance to taste afterwords...

  • Thank you for your input I will give it a try and compare your settings to my existing settings and go from there. If you find anymore technical information about my set up please let me know.
  • From this JBL PDF:


    It states the recommended crossover freq to be 800 Hz or higher.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Carefull Coop! JBL crosses its 4\" diaphram big boys @ 1200 hz.. a 1.75\" diaphram is a 2000 hz diaphram.. unless you like replacing diaphrams that is!

    The absolute lowest I would consider is 1750, but be prepared to replace the diaphrams on a much more frequent basis...I'm sure JBL would love to sell you those... Even in monitor use those won't hold up crossed out below 2000 hz! 30 years of speaker building boys.. I have made the mistakes.. had the failures.
  • Yeah...I should have expanded my reply. Just reported what the JBL doco stated. I would guess that's mainly used when it's in a full-range cabinet anyway. Power handling was stated as 30W!

    As always, heed the word of Gadget...he da man.


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