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can I do this with my current sub set up?

ragga1ragga1 Posts: 13
edited September 2006 in PA General Discussion
Hi, with my current system (for lows) - 1 X DRPA, 1 X GPS3400 running 2 X QW218, using a YAMAHA MG24/14FX mixer desk...can I run an aux fed sub system? The guys at Peavey say that I cant...I thought I might ask you guys if this is true? If I can, how can I do this? Any comments would be appreciated.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Why not contact me directly @ [email protected]

    That way I can be sure to get your questions.. If you only have one DRPa you could, but you'd be running mono FOH and you'd only have 2 PEQ's to work with, and all functions are not seperated... If you had an old crossover you could use that .. I use an old ashley 4001 and an outboard PEQ. If you wanted to run mono AND do aux fed subs, the driverack 260 would be the clear ticket. It would do that perfectly. If to want to run stereo and Aux feds, you need a second crossover.. or a processor that will do 3 inputs or more, like the 480-4800 series.

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