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jbl jrx 125 with jrx 118s xver settings

JohnL40JohnL40 Posts: 5
edited September 2006 in PA General Discussion
I am currently using my Driverack PA with jbl jrx 125 and jrx 118s. My amps are crown xls 602 for thwe mains and crown xls 402 for subs. My question is about setting the crossover for the 125's so that the lower 15\" is still getting some signal to it, without losing any of the low's to the 118s.


  • well maybe I didn't give you enough info. My DRPA does not have the jrx series loaded into it. That's why I'm having the problem I'm having in that the lower 15\" speaker in the jrx 125's don't have anything coming out of them. While the 118s have all the lows. I'd like to get something out of the 15\". What do I do to set the xver up to do this? thx
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    All right,
    I saw your post and you do have to include more info ... but there are other things here that make this difficult. First off, you didn't include the settings you are using...also, you are under powered.

    The reason there isn't any settings is that the JRX seruies are NOT bi-ampable... What sense is there providing a crossover setup when the speakers cannot (as they are purchased) bi-amp them? and tops and subs is not technicaly a bi-amp setup either. JBL does not consider the JRX series to be a pro level system.

    As you are powered I would set an HPF of 50 hz for the subs, and cross at 120hz. The more low end you have on the tops, the more power you need...
    so, with that in mind, cross the tops and subs @ 120hz @ LR24. Then, with your EQ you can vary the amount of midrange in the tops...

    In review
    Subs: HPF 50hz, @BW 18, and LPF 120hz@LR24
    Tops: HPF 120hz@ LR24 there is no LPF on the drpa on the hi outs
    Sub/subs, Left MONO low out or if stereo subs, low outs to the amp bridged mono
    Tops, Hi outs

    that should get you started...
  • Gadget, Thank you for your input.

    Question, Am I underpowered? On the 118s, JBL recommends 350-700 watts. The Crown xls402 is rated at 450 watts at 4 ohm.

    The Jrx 125 says 500-1000 watts and the Crown xls 602 is 600 watts at 4 ohm.

    Should I consider something on the higher end of the power range?

    Again, thanks for your help. I'll try those settings.

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