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hk elias px settings

delticdeltic Posts: 5
edited July 2008 in Configuration Wizard
im new to the dbx driverack px and it seems like rocket science setting it up
just wondered if anybody knows which factory preset would be best for the hk elias speakers


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Can you get me a link to those speakers? Do you have subs? how many tops/subs? all powered?...

  • delticdeltic Posts: 5
    http://www.hkaudio.com/products.php?pty ... &sub=facts

    hi not sure how to do the link thing but hopefully you can get it from above

    the speakers are all powered 2 tops which can be used full range or as mid tops with switch
    and 2 powered subs
    the work i do is djing in hotels etc crowds are usually 100 to 200
    the mixer is a numark ppd 9000 and the music is supplied via numark d2 media controller
    hope this is enough info

    cheers andy
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well.. I looked at the links...+-3db @ 130 hz? hmmm Well I guess thats the crossover frequency then...I suppose I'd go with \"StMainsSSub\" set the xover @ 130hz BW48 and let the speakers set their own HPF and LPF.

    That means you set the subs filter to 37hz HPF and 130 LPF

    Set the tops HPF to 130 hz and the tops would then go to \"out\" since there is no LPF for the tops...

    You need to set the switch on the tops to fullrange, send the \"outputs\" of the PX to the tops, and the \"sub outputs\" to the subs... there will be no connection between the speakers... unless you want the speaker system to be it's own crossover then use preset#1 stereo mains, and set the HPF to 37 hz...

  • delticdeltic Posts: 5
    hi gadget thankyou for helping me on this

    i managed to get the dbx onto StMainsSSub but even with the manual could'nt alter the hpf and lpf to your sugestions
    tried spks anyway worked ok but a lot of hiss from tops when no music playing all leads are good and balanced i presume this is because i can't work out how to set the filters correctly

    i did try the auto set up with mic but that was disaster

    all i really want the dbx to do is cut out the unwanted hiss and make the tops sound tighter and less harsh with a clean bottom end

    cheers andy
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Try doing a full custom setup in the wizard... I haven't got one so I can't be of too much help but it's a series of questions you answer about what you have for equipment. Then, according to the manual press the (button):
    <SETUP> - Press and release to enter the high-pass and bandpass filter editor. Press and hold to enter the first page of the Powered Speaker Setup Wizard.
    you should familiarize yourself with what the buttons do, you can't screw up anything so go for it!

    Do the speakers have hiss without the driverack? If so it's a matter of getting the gain structure right. most likely hitting the speakers harder and turning down the speaker volume itself. Start with gain structure. Try and get the mixer to just clip (using pink noise) and see where the PX is on the input meters if it's about -12-with the -6- flickering but below clip thats fine...then, set the crossover gains so the outputs are again as above...then use the volume control on the speakers and turn it up till the clip light just starts to flicker...thats all the system has then mark that location on the mixer for future reference... If you want to do an auto eq you better read the 'read me fiirst before posting' section...

  • delticdeltic Posts: 5
    quick update
    managed to set up dbx driverack to suit speakers but still had unwanted hiss/hum but now i have sorted that by inserting a noise gate/compressor b4 the driverack seems to work ok
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    This would tend to indicate to me that noise is in the mixer...Did you do a gain structure? Try running the individual channels HOTTER and the master volumes LOWER. If you have a PFl on the mixer per channel, press that button, then the meters (output master) should show you the signal level on that channel...make sure it's running at least average about -0- vu or better, but make sure there is 6 - 10db of headroom. (most current mixers can produce 24-28db over -0- db) so you run +16 and still have headroom left. This will allow the master volumes to run lower... and the noise floor to be left below it...

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