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Adding More than 1 ZC-3

NJSoundguyNJSoundguy Posts: 6
edited August 2009 in 640/641 Zone Controllers

I wanted to know if I can install two ZC-3 on one ZonePro 640 to control scenes. In the configuration wizard, only the first controller can be setup as a scene select. I need to be able to select scenes from two different locations.

Thank you in advance for any advice.



  • Hi Dean,

    Unfortunately, you cannot use two ZCs to control any one parameter within the ZonePRO series. This is because these ZCs work on DC voltage and resistance. You can, however, use 3rd party control to control the same parameters from two or more locations. However, this does bring the cost of the system up substantially.

    Hope this helps.

  • mossmanmossman Posts: 3
    I have a restaurant/bar set up with 9 different zones. I was planning on using a combination of ZC-8s and ZC-1s. I have several zones that will always be on the same source, but need independent volume control. I thought I could use a single ZC-8 to designate the source for several of these zones while using ZC-1's to control the volumes of each zone. (i.e. 6 zones, 1 ZC-8 that is the VC for a single zone and the source selector for all 6 zones and 5 ZC-1's for the VC for the remaining 5 zones)

    What I've found is that in the Config Wiz, I cannot do this. If I change the source selection of a zone to the ZC-8, it also changes the VC from the ZC-1 to the ZC-8. Am I doing something wrong, or will I have to just get a ZC-8 for each zone?
  • GerhardGerhard Posts: 1
    As a brandnew zone pro user, I was confronted with the same problem.
    Would it be possible to use the combination of ZC-3 and ZC-1 instead of ZC-8 and ZC-1.?
  • Hi mossman and Gerhard,

    This would work if you use a ZC-3 instead of the ZC-8.

    Hope this helps.
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