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Can you create a center channel feed with the drpa2?

We had a pretty nice audio system installed but the company is not the best at communicating with us now. We have a Midas M32 feeding an LCR trio of Vue As-12s and two powered Vue AS-115s subwoofers. I am trying to map out all of the routing connections and any software configurations and found a puzzle. They installed the PA2 with the main LR out from the mixer as inputs and have the left and right speakers running out of the "high" outputs, the subs running on the left channel of the "low" outputs and the center speaker running on the left channel of the "mid" outputs. They didn't turn on any other processing in the PA2 (feedback suppression, etc.) they are just using the crossover function to send the low freq to the subs, the high and mid have the same settings. My question; does using only the left channel of the "mids" turn it into a center channel? My gut feeling is no, I didn't see anything else done to the setting to sum the left/right and there is no splitter/adder cable. It is a single left channel output to one channel of an amp which leads me to think it is only a copy of the main left output from the mixer.. Would it be better to pull that and use the Midas MC channel? Or is there a good center channel fix to keep it there and also get the benefit of the PA2's EQ and other features. Thanks much.

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