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Before the site, for the DigiTech products there were forums at I'm specifically looking for the content of forum post: which discussed the issues involved in sharing patches between different DigiTech RP pedal models. Unfortunately, I don't have more text than that for searching. I've gone to the WayBack Machine and they only have the latest 20 of 403 threads archived on that particular forum (the RP-1000 forum: Given that there was and IS still a lot of life in many of these products (and the RP-1000 is still a current product!), it seems a shame that these discussions are not out there.

Is there an archive we don't know about?
Is there anyway this particular post could be resurrected?

I have a page on my web site that hosts some of my RP-500 patches and this forum post described how patches from different RP series pedals could be shared and I referenced it on my page: so I'd like to be able to put that information out there if it's still to be found somewhere.


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