Nexus editor librarian on linux

Hi all!
Do I have any chance to use nexus editor librarian on linux?
I had launched it with wine. But nexus doesn't find my digitech rp360?
I can use digitech like sound card, but i cant load new presets.
Does anybody have any experience?


  • fatsoofatsoo Posts: 3

    I can't get the x edit to work on MacOSMojave 10.14.5 . When I start the software after install completes; it won't recognize my rp360xp. The Nexus library works to load presets, but not the editing software to interface preset tweaking (I can always spend my back leaned over the pedal, bending down, squinting to see to lcd). I am grateful I can load presets though. It still sounds like we have similar issues with different OS.

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