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JamMan Stereo - Issues - Loop Level and Rhythm Level knobs

Hi there, new member.
Got a couple of problems with my JamMan Stereo. Wondering if anyone can advise

  1. Loop Level knob: causing the loop to fade out. But when I turn the knob clockwise and it'll stop fading / return to normal volume and stabilise. ???

  2. Rhythm Level knob: can be heard coming through loop (quietly) when at 0 (lowest setting on knob). Any way to mute this off altogether. No rhythm sounds required.

Thanks, it still works apart from those issues. I've had it a couple of years and was thinking I'd like to get serious and create some proper backing tracks to trigger live. But those two problems are putting me off.


  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 487

    Make sure you have the correct power supply - If you look at the jack by where it plugs in –

    If it says 9VAC – Power supply has to be PS0913B
    If it says 9VDC – Power supply has to be PS0913DC

    Also try a Factory Reset:

    1. Press and hold the STORE button while powering up the JamMan Stereo.
    2. When the display shows Fr, release the STORE button which will now be flashing.
    3. Press the STORE button again. This display will now show r? asking if you are sure you
      want to restore the internal memory to its factory state. To abort this procedure at this
      time, press the EXIT button.
    4. To confirm the restore procedure, press and hold the STORE button until bu appears in
      the Display. The JamMan Stereo will return to normal operation shortly as indicated by
      loop memory 1 being shown in the Display

    If those considerations are met, then it probably needs service at this point. Contact us to set this up:

    844-776-9569 opt 3
    [email protected]

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