RP255 my volume pedal quit working,

can anyone tell me what pieces are mounted under it to the actual foot pedal that react with the circit board in side because it looks to me like I might be missing a piece?


  • There is not a "piece" as it were that the Expression Treadle works with on the RP255. If it stopped working I would run it through the Pedal Calibration:

    1. Press and hold the Up/Down Footswitches until PDLCAL appears in the display (BYPASS
      and TUNER will be displayed before PDLCAL is accessed)
    2. When the Display prompts you with TOE DN, rock the Expression Pedal forward (toe down)
      and press either Footswitch.
    3. When the Display prompts you with TOE UP, rock the Expression Pedal back (toe up) and
      press either Footswitch.
    4. The Display now prompts you to calibrate the V-Switch sensitivity (VSwxxx), where XXX is the
      current V-Switch threshold. Rock the Expression Pedal forward and press firmly on the toe
      once to turn the V-Switch on (wah ON), and again to turn the V-Switch off (wahOFF).
    5. If the V-Switch is too sensitive, press the right Up Footswitch to raise the threshold (range is
      0-200). Keep testing the V-Switch sensitivity and adjust the threshold until it only engages when
      you want it to (too sensitive a setting will lead to the V-Switch falsely triggering on or off when
      using the Expression Pedal).
    6. When the V-Switch sensitivity is set to your satisfaction, press both Up/Down Footswitches
      simultaneously to exit.

    Also if that does not work, try a factory reset:

    ATTENTION: Performing this function will erase all user-programmed data. All
    such data will be lost forever! Be sure you want to erase the memory and start fresh
    before continuing with this procedure.
    The procedure for performing a Factory Reset is as follows:
    1. Press and hold the Store button while powering up the RP255.
    2. When the display prompts you with FACRST, release the Store button, which is now flashing.
    3. Press and hold the flashing Store button for 3 seconds until RSTORD appears in the display and
    release (The Factory Reset procedure takes approximately 20 seconds). The Expression Pedal
    calibration procedure now commences.

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