Digitech management - why dropped the ball on the best multi-FX products?

Digitech management seems to have been transformed in recent years, with respect to multi-effects units, to one that “grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory”. Digitech had designed and sold the best multi-FX pedal - the masterpiece RP1000 - and inexplicably discontinued the entire product and aborted it, with nary a thought it seems to capitalizing on the genius of the design of the unit by upgrading it and keeping that pride & profit product line. The discontinued RP1000 still today is in a class by itself with its ingenious design, including its amp loop and pedalboard loop “integrated switching” capabilities.

How could a company and its management drop the ball so badly by dropping such a design coup like the RP1000 integrated effects switching system and discontinue it with no modernizing upgrade or replacement, and abandon leadership in the multi-FX field to its competitors? It boggles the mind.

Anyone in Digitech’s current management care, or dare, to answer this question?

Phillip (a proud owner of the Digitech RP1000)

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