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Best headphones for GNX4

Since drew brought up the question here, I thought this might be useful to have available ;


  • Cheers for that \\m/
  • Sennheiser 280 Pro......

    by far the best for the price.
  • UniqueUnique Posts: 13
    They will be capeable of 20HZ-20KHZ, Digital/Analog ready, Adjustable, very Comfortable & last but not least, inexpensive.
  • Mac99Mac99 Posts: 2
    <div style="displaynone">fiogf49gjkf0d</div><div style="displaynone">fiogf49gjkf0d</div>I'm pretty new to the GNX4 and have just been using a set of $40 Yamahas that I got at the time of purchase. I noticed on some of the patches that got kick to 'em, like bad bass, after a certain volume level the signal distorts. I have no monitors, but figure this might be a function of the headphones themselves instead of the GNX signal. Just a FYI thing here. Might want to prod some salesman into a trial run.

    Peace out,
  • Sennheiser 280 Pro......

    by far the best for the price.
    Concur! I did some research on headphones before buying any and these kept coming up in forum threads. I went out and bought them..and I can't believe how good they sound! I would buy them again in a heartbeat if I ever needed to.
  • c4r7c4r7 Posts: 90
    I got some Headphones yesterday, an open item at Best Buy. Sony NC-50's or something. A $200 pair of headphones for $120.

    I didn't care for the sound and took them back today. I was looking for the Sony MDR7506 or the Sennheiser 280 Pro's.

    I ended up with the Audio-Technica ATHM40fs that were almost 1/2 as much. http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/headphones/7c784888146c212e/index.html

    One word.... WOW! All my Xedit patches have new meaning now and I'm thinking about getting the MFXSupermodels full package.

    (uh... anyone wanna go in half with me?)
  • WillowWillow Posts: 31

    Great head phones for jammin'. May want to look for others for recording. Pretty much a fla t response with some head room. Great GMX jam phones! Do a search. Been talked about plenty.

    Middle of the night jam time...MDR-7506's! Another $100 well spent.

  • pfedorpfedor Posts: 3
    I know I'm late, but I gotta tell ya. I picked up a $3 set of Asian headphones in a dollar store just to have and they blew me away. Light, comfortable and great sound .... I know---- I just got lucky.
  • I use AKG K240's. Excellent
  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    I use AKG K240's. Excellent
    Ditto. These are awesome.
  • RampageRampage Posts: 206
    For the money and quality I personally use the Sennheiser High Definition (HD) 280 PRO headphones. Cystral Clear High Definition, solid tights fit, padded ear muff type, great background sounds and perfect clarity. Hard to beat for the money. TRS end unscrews so you can use them in your computer as well.
  • I use the Sony MDR 7502. They run at about $50 and work great for me. Has anyone tried these out?
  • shreddshredd Posts: 5,649
    I have the Sennheiser 455's...they're featherweight, sound like gold, and were under $100. You can even replace the cord yourself - plugs right in. I love 'em.
  • + 1 on the AKG K240's
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