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X-Edit 1.5 for Mac Released

X-Edit 1.5 for Mac (GNX4 version) has been posted at:


The major enhancements are
- Improved OSX 10.4 compatibility
- Supports pc style (.g4p) presets for uploading/downloading
presets from the sound community


  • I'm not running 10.4 .

    I have 10.2 , will this be an improvement ?

    So fasr I am happy with OSX 10.2

    sincerely :

    Hurricane Ramón
  • Hi,can someone reupload the software?The page for downloading it is down and I need the x-edit for mac
  • shreddshredd Posts: 5,649
    Hi,can someone reupload the software?The page for downloading it is down and I need the x-edit for mac
    Try here:
    You haveta register to d/l s/ware now. Also submit your firstborn's name and DNA samples, and your wife's favorite breakfast cereal. All for free s/ware. :roll:
  • baggasbaggas Posts: 10
    Can anyone please post here their experiences installed x_edit 1.5 on OS 10.5 leopard? I continually get an application quits unexpectedly error every time I run the installer. Has anyone actually got it to work on Leopard?


  • I really can't believe that you can't install the XEdit 1.5 under Mac OS X 10.5 even one year after Leopard is on the market!?

    Does Digitech at least plan to support Mac OS X 10.5.x ???
    And what about a Universal Binary? (XEdit 1.5 is PPC code only). Hello Digitech: Intel-Macs are available for ages now!

    I just switched from PC to Mac and must say Digitech Mac-support really not is what I would have expected from them :-((

    Now I can't use my GNX4 any longer...

  • Last week ago I had sent a mail to Digitech support asking for a beta of X-Edit/GNX4 for Mac OS X 10.5.x.

    This was the reply I got:
    Thanks for your interest. We have no GNX4/X-Edit for MAC OS x 10.5.3, and no plans to work on one at this point.

    I was really mad and asked the support guy for the mail-addresses of product marketing and the customer care VP to complain about this product support policy.

    30 minutes later I received another mail:
    In fact, our website www.digitech.com, is being updated, to be put into effect soon, and there will be X-Edit available there for MAC OSX .5.3, but we do not yet have the full list of products.

    Strange he didn't know that an hour before and to be honest I don't really believe it (although it would of course be fantastic if it was true!)

    Guess Digitech is kidding us all and a new version of X-Edit for GNX4 is never to be released.

    Kind regards,
  • I really can't believe that you can't install the XEdit 1.5 under Mac OS X 10.5 even one year after Leopard is on the market!?

    Does Digitech at least plan to support Mac OS X 10.5.x ???

    \"There is a Leopard compatible version which will be posted on our
    website soon.\"
    This was in response to me submitting a query to Digitech Support last week.
    I'll believe it when I successfully install it.
    I hope it will not take much longer. Maybe if more people send the problem to them they may pull their finger out.
    I also notice the dates are wrong on the posts. Today is 25th June 2008 here in Oz, but showing up as July already????????????

  • So instead of providing a new version Digitech now has changed the description for X-Edit 1.5 Mac to: \"for PPC/Tiger\". Great. Still no 10.5.x support...

  • john1427john1427 Posts: 2
    Has anyone tried to run X-edit in Boot camp on a max osx machine? I just got a MacBook pro and I don't want to carry two computers around just to edit my gnx4.
  • judoka227judoka227 Posts: 40
    that's how I do it on my macbook pro. no problems for the most part. I did notice that some of my older presets won't open up. I forget what the error message was. I probably have to update something, but yes x-edit does work. good luck. gnx4 or no gnx4 I wouldn't trade my macbook pro for the world. I'd just go back to amps and stompboxes before gettin rid of my mac.
  • john1427john1427 Posts: 2
    I agree completely. It baffles me why Digitech doesn't support OSX given the number of macs used in the music industry. Or is X-edit just heading towards irrelevance? I've been thinking seriously about going back to an amp and boxes!
  • MikeLMikeL Posts: 3
    Where is the update to this for 10.5.x I have not been able to use this since. Please tell me that you have a beta that I can use till you get the released version up.

    This in my opinion is unacceptable in today's market. I do not feel that I need to downgrade my OS to use something that I have spent good money on. Lets get on the ball guys and get this out.

    This is not good business or does it give you a good name in the industry.

  • MikeL, as you see Digitech gives a .... for us GNX4 owners and I bet there will be no X-Edit supporting intel Macs and/or 10.5.x.

    Sad but true. Guess we have to switch to another vendor being more Apple-user-friendly although I liked my GNX4.

    Kind regards,
  • Last week I got another Mail from Digitech technical support:

    > They are hoping to finish the MACOSX X edit for the GNX4 by the end of this week.

    Anyway there is no new version available today...

  • Durza`Durza` Posts: 2
    still nothing...
    BUT, if you are desperate to record to a Mac 10.5.x, you could get a 1/4' adapter for a male-male audio cable, plug the large end into the GNX4 Output, and the small end into your computer Mic Input. It wont be MIDI, but it should work alright, FOR NOW... lol
  • Recording works fine with Garageband and/or Audacity already.
    But I need X-Edit for my Supermodels-CD...

    I have the strong feeling that Digirech mucks around the GNX4-customers and it was never planned to release a 10.5-version of X-Edit...

  • Needless to say that more than 2 months later there is still nothing for GNX4 and Mac OS Leopard / intel Macs :evil: :cry:
  • I recieved a .zip from Digitech support today after querying the \"forthcoming\" response I got from them. I seem to have lost my saved presets but the program is installed and working on my Mac with 10.5.6. :D:D:D
  • I've received it last week, too. (Version 1.5.1)
    Works fine however I wonder why it's still not publically available.
    Anyway I'm happy that there now is a native intel Mac OS Leopard version!
  • Well i posted a workaround to getting the regular 1.5 to install and work on Leopard .. it works on my leopard mac dual 2.8 * 8 core * mac.
    BUT ... i don't just want and installer that works ..
    i want the UPGRADED functionality that the PC version offers
    for example .. the ability to \"type in\" a delay time .. or other parameters .

    i'm not even sure what the differences are between the PC version and the Mac version ..
    Does anyone have both ?
    Can they elaborate ?

  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Win versions offer things that work in the flow of XML based editor function. There are some FILE menu drop downs that are different, but overall the functionality is the same. Latest editor is closest to the MAC version but previous versions did offer multiple preset instances, ability to manually enter a spec from KB.. however in some circumstances the resources were heavier on the user's pc, and the new design for WIN went back to certain limits to not be as cpu hungry! Other versions led to stability issues as well but most were worked out in XP SP2 (which took a while). Vista was another story. It's not an easy thing to predict what MS is going to do or MAC.. now with WIN 7 around the bend, I'm sure it will start all over! Then leopard will go to Jaguar or something and all these vendors will have to put on their flame suits again.

    if you need specifics outside of that, PM me...
  • :x

    It's so sad to see all the postings about how BAD Digitech software support is. I spent a lot to time and trouble trying to get X-Edit to work with Vista, on my laptop. Now I find myself using a MacBook more and more and what do I find? Digitech seems at least as bad in supporting Mac users as PC users. There are tobs of posts about trying to get X-edit to work with every platform for the past 5 years. Why can't they spend a little money getting their act together to repair their reputation on their own message boards?

    As a business, if I owned Digitech I would look at these forums as the place where the best word of mouth advertising starts and if I wanted good word of mouth I would try to react to these issues. This is abysmal.

    They actually have a sticky to show you how to sell your GNX4 on eBay. :shock:

    It would be nice to have a sticky that told you how to get the advertised features to work, instead. Xedit, etc.
  • RawbRawb Posts: 1,459
    It is sad to see that some people can't even pick up a telephone. I know if I were someone that was having problems I would call tech support.... oh wait I have they were very nice prompt an helpful .. How strange is that!?
  • It's more than sad!

    Leopard has been out for 2 years and Digitech has not been able to give us a native software for it????

    Now the next OS version (10.6 aka Snow Leopard) is out. I'm sure there be'll neither a 10.5 nor a native 10.6 version of their software available.

    What a SHAME!

    Why speculate about a GNX5 if they can't even properly support the GNX4 on the two mainstream OSes (Win / Mac)???

  • shreddshredd Posts: 5,649
    Well...not that this isn't a totally dead - LONG dead - horse...
    But I find myself in a situation where I have no PC laptop to use and I have only my macbook, which has Snow Leopard and an Intel chip...neither of which is supported in DT's latest mac XEdit, v1.5 (which is only for macs up to Tiger and using a PPC chip).
    This leaves me high n dry, with no way to access my GNX. So, to echo the sentiments of all the other mac users here:
    BITE ME DT. Thanks for nothing. :evil:
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