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Which modeler did you own before a GNX3000?

If you've owned more than one from any of the selections, choose the one that was the dearest to your heart.


  • jagessojagesso Posts: 103
    We need to be able to vote more than once!
  • I drove a GSP-2101 for years and loved it. (not a modeler of course) but you could get great sounds out of it and the Dual DSPs were stellar for creating Eventide quality effects. I created a dual pitched and delayed patch that was exactly the same as the one Steve Vai uses with his Eventide on La Ballerina. Damn, I wish I could do that with my GNX. I would have kept the 2101 its just that it started to have problems with the patch selection wheel etc. Maybe one day I will snag a gold one off ebay. Too bad you can't layer multiple instances of effects on the GNX product line. i.e. two pitch shifts or two different delays..... :cry:
  • archonarchon Posts: 678
    i came from an RP100 to an RPX400 and a BP50, wich i traded for the guitar and bass models on the GNX3k.

    I dig Digitech enough to have stayed brand loyal all these years = but i had a similair battle with the RP series to get that metal tone i wanted = because the one that IS there isnt the one i want. DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE BAD MFX! :wink:
  • lexkamlexkam Posts: 18
    Dont laugh!... my previous MFX was an Korg A4 and before that an Yamaha REX50 (with real digital distortion! as they advertised, brrrrr..)

    And i must say the MFX realy made a progress between the A4 and the GNX3000, it brought back the fun in playing for me, smiled from ear to ear when i booted the 3000 :P

    forgot to mention i also have a Line6 GuitarPort but cant say i realy like it as much as the GNX3k.
  • KewlpackKewlpack Posts: 441
    Um... I'll just go with the GT8 as my \"nearest and dearest\" previous to the GNX3K. ;)

    The myriad of other MFXs will just have to sit this one out.
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