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65 Best Patches -Backup File- GET it here!!

I went through each and every posted patch. I put together a backup file of the best patches in my opinion. #'s 43-65 are the best of my own creations,.. a few I haven't even posted yet!

I tried to level out the preset volumes to match pretty closely with the factory presets, so they're mostly uniform in volume.




  • five3onefive3one Posts: 24
    nice dude.. great job..

    hey, can you make me some? :oops: if it's ok with you... i'll send you some of the sounds i've been longing to copy with this gnx3k monster.. :D
  • langiujclangiujc Posts: 114
    I downloaded your file and I am curious as to how to use it.
    The extension is .g3ka

    Does this open with X-Edit?
  • AlphaXAlphaX Posts: 91
    yep, in x-edit go to device then restore, find the .g3k file and open it.
  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    In X-Edit, there's an option to load backup, I think that's what you're looking for.
  • langiujclangiujc Posts: 114
  • langiujclangiujc Posts: 114
    Okay, got your backup loaded and I must say that there are some nice patches in there. I run my GNX through my PC setup using some nice 200W speakers and it is sounding nice.

    I like the variety that you put together. Good job.
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