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the supermodels, and who said to leave speaker comp on?

Ever since I got this thing I've been told to \"leave speaker comp on\"\". ... For what?

Ok so I'm checking out the supermodels disc and I'm ehh, it's not very good (first impression),,.. I'm using an Xaviere Les Paul copy and headphones to test it out. Everything sound very muffled and tones were just not coming through and the amp characteristics were bland. Then I got this idea to \"dare I say it,.. turn off speaker comp\" so I did, and from there everything was perfect, everything sounded fabulous, and amps actually sounded real with full flavor..,.


I will be making furture patches with speaker comp off from now unless otherwise stated in the patch description. I would encourage others to make the switch too, you'll find everything sounds much nicer!!


  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    It all depends on the headphones used, the amp rig, or alternative amp sys like a PA or KB amp. SC on cuts HF to a point. Some amps get a fizz or shrillness from SC off.. depends on the amp. Certain amps work better with SC on, than they do with it off and vice-versa. Again, it can vary between amplification rigs as we have mentioned before.

    The comment \"leave it on\" is based on GNX4 units whose preamp headroom is a bit higher and allows Full Response for midi, wav, and mp3 playback. There's not as much as a roll-ff on the 3000. Noticable to some though.

    Guitar variances will also impact any patch or model. If you have weaker pickups for example, the model may react less to gain changes. If you have a LP with 490's or similar, those are very hot and could create clipping. The solution then is to lower the levels and gains to compensate. This is common between EMG81's, Strats with non fender pickups, etc. My Strat with Hot rails was too active for the modeler. I repaced them with lace sensors and it's much better resolved. no clips, or induced artifacts.

    Cables can also impact the sounds. Low end cables are known to create artifacts and limit responsiveness.
  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    It's really a toss-up. I personally don't go so far as to say \"keep it on all the time\", rather I recommend to try it on first and try it the other way if it doesn't work out. Some of the Target System modes were good with my GNX3 going to an amp, but GNX4 95% of the patches were better with SC on.... GNX3000 doesn't make as much difference in the first place, but I've had it on since I began using it and it sounds \"real with full flavor\" to my ears.
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