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GNX3000 Tuner, what are your impression

Ok it's a small feature in the ocean of stuff that this pedal offer, but it seem to me that the tunner of the GNX3000 is somewhat hard to use. the visor always seem to elude the final perfect pitch symbole >|<. i'm always falling too flat or to sharp.

I think the tuner need some work and firmware patch for this issue

At the point that i'm not using it anymore, my little korg pocket tunner give me much more precise setting without eluding the target.


  • shreddshredd Posts: 5,649
    I have a GNX4, but it's the same thing - it's a droplet in the ocean of features, and not a very important one. BUT...it'd be nice if it really worked, so I could really use it...
  • tantrum2ktantrum2k Posts: 289
    I tend to agree that it's a bit too sensitive and sure there are much better rack and or floor tuners out there. The 3k tuner however is not bad and believe it or not I had much better tuning with it than i did with my Boss tu-2. I now use a korg rack mount tuner which is by far the best tuner on the market today but don't sell the 3k one short...my work around for perfect tuning (with any tuner) is always use your neck pickup and an open string. Tuning the guitar to itself is much better then using harmonics anyday and I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts on it. 2ndly every guitar is different and regular service (once every 6 months for me) on your guitar which includes intonation is key to close to perfect tuning. String gauge and the way you string your guitar also plays a vital role in your tuning...I use GHS 10's and the way I string my guitar is unusual (I can say that because out of all the bozos that i've played with including some pros I'm the only one who has used this method of stringing) but i can bend the hell out of them all night long and still be near to perfect. I can go on and on with this subject because there's so much more to a guitar that affects tuning...believe it or not your pickups can have an affect on tuning. The bottom line is if you take the right steps from string selection to regular maintainance you should have no problem with any tuner...i've used alot of them and none of them have left me so far out of the ballpark that I couldn't play.
  • deandean Posts: 159
    its crap....you can turn the strings a quarter turn and it carnt decide if you are sharp or flat. You have to wait for it to decide. I carnt get it to work with harmonics...it just freaks out....

    I have always been very disapointed with it....it lets the unit down in a big way.

    @!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: you have to wait...its the worst feature of the whole unit.

    so in other words...Mr Digitech if you are watching....fix it so that when I buy my next unit GNX7000/5 mark 2, i wont have to complain.

    And by the way I like everything else :)
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    turn the guitar tone control down. Or turn the guitar vol down if yuo do not have a tone pot. Use the neck positions and it works very well.
  • deandean Posts: 159
    done all that...not impressed...its works, but its too indecisive. You have to wait for it, it picks up any stray sound, you have to tune very carefully. Its way too flighty. It seems everyone else can make a good tuner, so why carn't digitech. And this problem has come up again and again in this forum. It just isn't up to standard...sorry!!!
  • mrdaryl21mrdaryl21 Posts: 310
    Never had a problem with it. You must not be using the neck pickup or something.
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    I've tried with varying results on different guitars. Most combo pedals like this have similar issues.

    If you use harmonic tuning and watch the levels of tone it seems to not be as sensitive. EC1000 seems to have a harder prob, and I drop the Vol, use middle postition on pu selector and it's fine. It's not a TU12 or Korg D rack unit but it's close. harmonic tuning is much better than open string tuning.

    It would warrant an improvement I agree.
  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    It's not the best tuner in the world, but you can certainly make good use of it. Don't pluck the string too hard, do it at the 12th fret, and follow the other suggestions above.
  • Using an electronic Tuner is no rocket science. And everybody know how to use one. I can well tune my guitar with this one. But if i compare with many other tuners, Tuning my guitar with the digitech tunner take me more time . Other tunners; some are just wonderfull precise and fast like the Korg, and some are less fine, The digitech one is at the buttom of my \"less fine list\"
  • mrdaryl21mrdaryl21 Posts: 310
    Yeah it takes a little longer to tune it on the 3k. But seriously, how fast do you really need to tune the guitar? I'm pretty sure the summer olympics don't have that sport out yet. Maybe we can give it a couple years. :D
  • The GNX3Ks tuner isn't that bad, it could be better. It doesn't compare to the tuner on the DHP-55 tho. 8)
  • tantrum2ktantrum2k Posts: 289
    I'm sorry G but harmonic tuning is NOT better than open string by a long shot. But i find no need to make an argument about it i just know by experience and lots of it that open tuning is by far the best way to go whether using a tuner or tuning by ear. At least it has been for me.
  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    If harmonic tuning doesn't work for you, are you sure your guitar is properly intonated? There should be no difference in how well it holds tune, if either is done properly and guitar is setup correctly. The reason to use harmonics is because it's easier for a digital tuner to work with.
  • Zepp3linZepp3lin Posts: 126
    With a good intonation guitar you can use any style you want open strings or harmonic or even by pressing down on the 12th frets up to bottom. All the 3 methods will work with a tuner.
  • deandean Posts: 159
    Hmmmm. with a good tuner
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    When I use my Korg rack unit (DTR2000) if my guitar is not intonated it's just as bad as any other tuner on a GNX to lock it in. I also noticed between pickup combinations and string heights it will vary. Some of my guitars I have the B and G higher than norm. This sometimes messes with sensitivity of the DTR.

    On the Korg, cus supt guys told me to use Harmonic tuning and lower the tone control on \"touchy\" setups.. now how true that is, Is debatable to many.

    DIY setup is possible for many but it's just something I don't recommend and it keeps the good guitar techs in biz. Many guitarists I know and played with are DIY guys and are always exploring new nuts, saddles, etc. They could simply have it tweaked out and adj as long as they have a good tech in the area. Even new guitars can play better with good fret leveling, crowning and bow adjustments.

    I also checked out the Behringer BTR2000 rack tuner and it's accurate and cool! 200 bucks cheaper! Not a bad rack tuner at all.
  • sans2012sans2012 Posts: 81
    Although I think the built in tuner is average at best. I use my neck pickup to tune and find it works a little better than when I use the bridge pickup.
  • ACWildACWild Posts: 805
    It's very convenient to have. I use it for a quick tune-up before recording, but I only use it to reference one string, then I go by ear for the rest. If I did all of the strings on the GNX tuner, I'd never get anything done. It doesn't seem to like lower notes, like the B on my 7-string.
  • tantrum2ktantrum2k Posts: 289
    thank you Zepp3lin i was going to reply to Iliace but it seems like you read my mind. Harmonic tuning is only good when intontating a guitar but how long does a perfectly intonated guitar stay intonated? Quite honestly i prefer tuning with open strings and it works just fine...if of course you have the patience to get it that perfect like me. but i guess the real subject here is if the 3k tuner does the job...personally i think alot of you guys are selling this thing short...take the time to tune before you play. When i gig i make sure all my axes are tuned as perfectly as possible with my korg and even if i haven't used the guitar in the middle of my bands set i double check it again with my 3k and it's worked just fine. ..but that's me. Hmm...i remember having an issue with protracks which in my opinion is probably the biggest (worthless) feature of the 3k but then again i didn't buy the 3k to record music.
  • BlueLotusBlueLotus Posts: 150
    The tuner works fine for me. It's not as easy to use as the tuner on the PODxt series, but it works just fine.

    However, my new favourite tuner is the Planet Waves Strobe on String tuner. http://www.planet-waves.com/resources/jdcplw/manuals/pw-ct-06_instructions.pdf Most tuners are +/- 3 cents. The S.O.S. tuner is +/- 0.4 cents. Can't get more accurate than that. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you learn how to use it, it's the best tuner for the price($15) and it's the smallest tuner you can buy. Amazing.
  • It works ok for me but I do find that I need to mute the strings I'm not currently tuning for it to be accurate.
  • mrdaryl21mrdaryl21 Posts: 310
    wow this tuning thread is still going on? if you don't like the tuner DON'T use it. simple as that. :!:
  • I think it's pritty obvious as many have stated.
    It's not the greatest tuner out there, but it certanly gets the job done.

    I have a BC Rich warlock, & ibanez SZ720 both tune really great. Both open and on 12 frett. Yes it can be sensative, But with a little caution you can get very accurate results.
  • @mrdaryl21, yeah brilliant :roll:

    You know, I would have paid less if they didn’t have the thing in there.

    Why bother putting that feature in if it’s half assed:)
  • turn the guitar tone control down. Or turn the guitar vol down if you do not have a tone pot. Use the neck positions and it works very well.

    wow what a difference g3456!! I didn't even think of that.

    It works perfect now, no jumping around, and very accurate.

    I turned my tone all the way down and set it to the neck pickup and it's a miracle. I CAN TUNE!! not only with my gnx but my rpx
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    It depends on the sensitivity of both the circuits of the tuner, and the guitar signal. If your tuner is subject to hf harmonic sensitivity, the guitar tone pot reduction trick can help. PODs and Zooms and other all in one units are affected somewhat.

    My bassist with Bartolini pickups has this issue on a TU12. So he later bought a DTR2000 Korg and has the same issue.. guess what he does? Turns the tone pot down and reduces his guitar vol. perfect lock every time.

    Petersons will do a better job but it's just as easy to turn the pots. How many cents you are off can also very between how you play. I have the tendency to get fired up and the energy always make me push harder on the strings. So I detune slightly to accommodate my hard handedness. Especially when I tune baritone or CGCFAD. Even using 52's on the low side I can get sharp if guitar is tuned to pitch.
  • My Goodness all this because of a tuner? Open, harmonics, tone pods , volume...I mean if some of these guys that don't like the tuner have so much trouble with it...don't use it! simple as that...I learned that the hard way about another aspect of this unit. Honestly, Like G3456 I also use the Korg DTR which in my opinion is the best rack tuner on the market today...Yeah you can go super high end and purchase the Peterson but i think it's overkill. The bottom line is ...if you don't have the bucks to buy a Korg, Boss or Peterson well then the GNX tuner should very easily do the trick if not, then tune by ear...how accurate would that be though?
  • shreddshredd Posts: 5,649
    What is this tuning you speak of? Guitars need to be \"tuned\"??? :shock:
  • deandean Posts: 159
    the whole idea of buying a workstation is that everything is in it....you dont have to plug in any other stuff...tuner included. So why should you have to buy stuff you already have?

    Hmm...dont like the tuner so dont use it....lets buy another one and plug it in!
    Hmm...noise gate is a bit patchy...lets buy a new one and plug it in!
    Hmm ... never really liked the delay....lets buy a delay pedal!
    Hmm...carn't get my tube screamer I like....lets buy one of those as well!

    Maybe its just me, but why not just build a workstation with a decent tuner...that all I'm saying
  • Couldn’t agree more Dean :wink:

    You forgot about the squeaky expression pedal though. We might need to get another one of those too :P
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