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Patch downloaded

I downloaded some effect patches from the digitech site. They all have a *.g4p file extension. Now, how can I upload these patches to my GNX4. I do have a laptop with USB connection. X-Editor and ProTrack softwares are also installed. Could someone tell me how I can upload these patches to my user defines presets? Thanks.


  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Once you have opened Xedit already, you have to load new patches from the File Toolbar. If you click an Xedit patch Icon the editor should open the Xedit program.

    Xedit already opened:

    File> Open> navigate to the preset location on your PC. Should open the patch. Then go ahead and tweak as needed.

    Save to GNX4:

    Device> Store Preset> select User bank location of Mem Card location. Any User files (patches) pre-existing are overwritten.
  • mehrdadmehrdad Posts: 4
    Thanks very much for your thorough explanation.
  • Dear Guitar3456,

    Pls. help me. this is regading GNX4 guitar patch upload.
    I have downloaded some patches from this site and they have extn *.g4p extension. but i am using Macintosh computer and how do i upload these patches to my GNX4.
    I tried the process you told but its not working. I have xEdit and USB port for connection to my GNX4.
    Pls. help.

    Thanks and Regards,
  • shreddshredd Posts: 5,649
    I don't have my Mac and XEdit in front of me, but it's basically the same: use XEdit for Mac to \"open\" the patch, then \"save to device\" and choose a location on your GNX for it. ou just have to use Mac's commands, not the ones that Windows uses.
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    Save to GNX4

    Device> Store Preset> select User bank location of Mem Card location. Any User files (patches) pre-existing are overwritten.

    My X-Editor doesn't have a Device option in the toolbar.

    I have

    File - Edit - Options - Tools - ?

    Could I just go to File>Save and select the GNX4 device connected via USB?

    Sorry, I'm new to all this, and I bought mine used so it didn't come with the software or manual. Maybe I have the wrong software? It's freeware that I downloaded called XEdit v2.5.4.4
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494

    complete the login, and then you can download the official Xedit version
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