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King of the Blues 2009 At guitar Center fixing to start..

Any of you guys gonna enter?? 25k in cash plus some other cool prizes.. Go to the Guitar Center site and look for the King of the Blues Link.. Played it once, a couple of years ago and it was fun..

Here's my take so far on the B/T, from the site \"lil Girl Shuffle\"...

It's not really so much about winning and losing but getting a chance to play, and hopefully meet some other cats to jam with.. Hope some of you other guys enter..

And yes...Here's your chance to see Tal play tore down dirty blues...Well...As tore down and dirty as it can get through an L5 and a twin...LOL..


  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    That's cool!!

    Me enter? My J&B is so rusty Mel bay would beat me senseless :lol:
  • RawbRawb Posts: 1,459
    WTG Tal... at the end looked like that wore you out!

    Me enter a contest!!? I am still trying to figure out if I should pluck a G string or just admire it!
  • Tal RulesTal Rules Posts: 1,215
    Thanks guys....

    Me wore out...No way....
    As Doc Holiday says in the movie \"Tombstone\"...

    \"Why, I'm in in the prime of my life\"...Cough, Cough....LOL..
  • Mike BMike B Posts: 487
    Tal, So I have been away for a few months, but I just looked at your little girl shuffle, stellar as usual. Are you going to the same store this year? I remember last year the judges did not know what to do with \"the old guy on the L-5\".

    Anyway I think I'll give it a shot too. I have down loaded \"Slow Down\"and I have started playing over the changes.

    May be I can post some thing. Thanks for the inspiration.

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