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On Broadway Video

Just a jam. Nothing special. I just made one rule, to see how far out I could go and still come back, within about a 5 fret area..Hell of a lot of fun..But my idea of fun, may be a lttle different than most...LOL...


  • RawbRawb Posts: 1,459
    Having Fun?.. I bet you was!
    TWVS! ..That Was Very Sweet..

    Dang Tal when you gonna get a 3 piece ensamble together?
  • partchpartch Posts: 1,764
    Awsome Tal! See with me it's getting out of the 5 fret area! I need to get better at playing all up & down the neck & all positions. I tend to do most of my playing around the G & E positions of the caged sequence. So what you were doing there is kind of how I play & phrase mostly.
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