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Valdez in the Country

You know...I hestitate to post this. It's pretty much a pure jam, and there's a few clams along the way. The B/T is from the link I posted about a week ago. Really dug 4 on 6 from those B/T's as well, but it's so damn long..(About 7 minutes) That is would really work better as a collab than a solo deal. The orignal of 4 on 6 has Wes playing about 3 minutes of solo and Wynton Kelly playing about 3 minutes of solo. So it one of you guys want to do 4 on 6 as a collab at a later date let me know.

In the mean time, I dusted off \"Valdez in the Country\". I' played it years ago, but haven't played it in while. Mostly a 2 chord vamp, but I like to see just how far out I can go on those simple changes and come back to sanity..LOL..I'm probably gonna let it rest for awhile, and get back to some bop stuff, but playing these Benson tunes is fun. Thought I'd least make a vid of the improv, before I moved on to something else...Benson could tear up these kind of changes as well. If you want to see how it should be played go listen to Benson. In the mean time..Here's my version..LOL..


  • 0Dannyboy0Dannyboy Posts: 1,083
    :shock: that was awsome 8)
  • Tal RulesTal Rules Posts: 1,215
    Thanks Danny..I'm having a lot of fun over there at the Bruno lesson site. I think I've improved a lot in the last 2 years studying with him..

    Thanks for the kind comments.
  • partchpartch Posts: 1,764
    Cool Tal! Always dig your playin man! Thanks for sharing! Take care 8) Have a great Thanksgiving man! :D
  • RawbRawb Posts: 1,459
    Aw ha I missed this one... sneaky putting it in pics an vids instead of music!

    Tal it is always a pleasure to hear ya an see ya play.. Love the diversity here!
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