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Help needed with my old presets.


I have a problem. I had set a couple of Sounds I like and saved them. As I had to buy a new computer I installed everything new. All my saved presets do not work anymore. The original Sounds work but my presets (with which I have begun recording) don't sound at all.

I uploaded the presets packed as a zip, could please anyone have a look at them and tell me where the problem is hidden?

Thanks a lot.



  • shreddshredd Posts: 5,649
    If the presets were already on your GNX and don't work anymore, you've got a bigger problem than a new computer.
    If you only had them on the computer, perhaps you could open them in an editor, get the values, and re-create them on your GNX? And of course, re-save them to b/u or a new copy of XEdit...
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    You have no sound after re-loading them on the GNX or you have no sound when using them on the recorder or editor?
  • With my presets I have no sound at all.

    If I switch to a fabric set preset I get sound. I can also model all sounds that work. But if I try to handle my old presets (I did upload) there is no sound at all. As if I had set the Output to 0.
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Did you check the preset LEVEL. In some instances it can default to zero. You can see this in the editor under the effects window.
  • Thats why I uploaded the Profiles so you can take a look and maybe see something I didn't see... ^^

    I've found nothing wrong. Set every mover in a different position but couldn't find a solution.
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    I'll check them and see. Sorry, must have been a late night, I glanced right over the link you posted.
  • Aye, Thanks a lot.
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    It's like I thought.

    Go into your presets, click the effects window and adjust the PRESET LEVEL. They are defaulted at ZERO, so you have to turn them up.

    In the editor it's right above the noise gate adjustment.

    One the GNX4 hardware, when the TONE area (blue led) is lit up, adjust the last control (preset level). Save the patch. Repeat for the other patches.
  • You are great! Thank you so much!
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