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Hissing in lead tone

Hi i have an issue when recording lead guitar. I am using a modified version of the \"Dime Wlk\" sound from the Supermodelmfx pack, with just some added reverb and delay - nothing fancy. The issue comes when letting notes ring out for a long time and fade out by themselves. There is a very annoying hissing sound, which as the sound fades out becomes more and more apparent until the note disappears.

My setup is:
Ibanez RG1527 -> GNX4 -> 1/4 Output -> Sapphire
Pro 40 -> Reaper DAW

I have tried different guitars, but nothing changes. Listen to the problem here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3O9zcyo9qg&feature=youtu.be

I appreciate any help on this.


  • Mr_ScaryMr_Scary Posts: 39
    sounds like standard noise.

    what is your setup, if you have something in your loop that has the level too high will cause the issue, it can usually be remidied by finding the device and muting it, or adjusting the levels accordingly..


    you have an effects processor on you mixer with the volume at 99%, and have it trimmed out but the level on the mixer, turn the units volume down to about 30% and turn up the mixer level..

    another issue is if you are using a computer, this noise is there, lower your recording levels andd raise the DB by software method...

    I can usually remove this sound by EQ settings also..
  • frayedfrayed Posts: 11
    Hi Thanks for replying, it's much appreciated.

    I just checked with the most basic setup: guitar -> gnx4 -> headphones.

    The noise is still there. I started looking around the internet for similar issues and found a lot of information on ground noise, which this could resemble. So, I checked to see if I had proper ground and what is very puzzling is that although the electrical plug has 3 pins, the wire going to the transformer only has 2 wires in it, so I would never be able to get any ground?

    Does anyone have any experience/advise for this? How did you get yours grounded?
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