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Recording a real drum in multi ch

Hi guys,
I d like to know if it is possible to record a real drum wirh the
I want 4 mono tracks:
1 pedal
2 Snare
3 toms
4 crash and ride
Can i use usb 1/2 e usb 3/4 Simultaneously?
Guitar input(pedal) line left( snare) line right (toms) and mic (crash).?
And what i ve to do on pro tracks?


  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    I would suggest you do kick, snare, and two overheads. You'll need some kind of preamp to accommodate that, doing it with just straight GNX is nowhere near the best way.

    Consider getting some kind of interface that has (at least) 4 mic channels. Nowadays you can get one for under $200 and it's a much more efficient way to record drums.
  • But whatbi want to know is this:
    If i connect a mic for every in on the gnx,it will record 4 separate tracks? Or i can record only 2 trakcs at a time?
  • gtausgtaus Posts: 2,680
    But whatbi want to know is this:
    If i connect a mic for every in on the gnx,it will record 4 separate tracks? Or i can record only 2 trakcs at a time?

    Everything I have ever read about the GNX recorder is that it can record only two tracks at a time. Recording two tracks used to be a big advantage. Now, it's a limitation, especially if you want to mic up a drum kit.

    Might I suggest you looking at the highly rated Zoom R16 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/zoom-r16-multitrack-recorder-interface-controller for $399.00 brand new? You might be able to find a used R16 for less. Zoom also makes the R24 , http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/zoom-r16-multitrack-recorder-interface-controller, with more options, and costs about $499.00 new. Both get high reviews from owners.

    Both the R16 and R24 can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously. If that is not enough, the R16 and R24 can be snyc'd up with a second R16/R24 giving you 16 simultaneous recording tracks! If you want to capture your full band at a gig, buying two R16s would give you 16 live tracks for recording for about $800.00. I still have a had time believeing that considering my first cassette 4-track recorder, recording one track at a time, set me back over $400 for a used deck.... And the cassette decks back then cannot compare to the quality of the digital recorders today.

    We live in great times. Hope you find a solution to laying down your tracks. The GNX4 is a great machine, but it was never designed for recording more than two tracks at a time. Best wishes.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    Sorry i don t have a gnx 4 but a gnx3000. I post answers here necause gnx3000 forum is 'closed'.
    The manual says 4 usb traks record and 2 playback.
    For this reason mu answer is:if i put a mic in every gnx3000 in,it records 4 tracks at a time?
  • gtausgtaus Posts: 2,680
    Sorry, I don't have a GNX3000 and I don't know how many tracks it can record. Take care.
  • Gnx4 and 3000 are more or less the same..well do you know how can i record bass n guitar simultaneously in separate tracks? I don t know how to do that. When i record with guitar in guitar in and bass in line in,i have 2 tracks on ptplus but in every track there are bass and guitsr togheter! I eant bass in track 1 and guitar in teack2
  • gtausgtaus Posts: 2,680
    On the GNX4, you can only record one guitar at a time, given that there is only one guitar input.
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