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USB Drivers on Windows 7

Anyone have the USB drivers working on Windows 7?

Just wondering if its possible.



  • I'm replying to myself. SORRY for not searching earlier. Found what I need at the Digitech support site.

  • ejbrookejbrook Posts: 13
    Yes they can sorta! =)

    Try this. Go to the support site at digitech and download the latest gnx4 driver installer v2.1 I believe. This will load windows 7 certified drivers for 64 or 32 bit versions ( I think. I have 64 bit)

    Then download and install the AISO beta driver. It can be found by searching digitech. I can send it to you if needed.

    The ASIO driver is needed because the default WDM/KS driver is XP only and kernel streaming prevents midi from working. You can effectively shut off kernel streaming if you have the right software, but forget that for now.

    Chose and profile the ASIO driver for recording and all your digitech drivers should now function save one. The midi driver. You will have to use a wave table . The choice should be available now. This setup works with pro tracks plus running in xp mode sp3. I just lose hand free commands.

    Let me know if it works. I am running win 7 ultimate.
  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    I've never needed to install drivers on Win 7. Or on XP for that matter, back in the day. Just plug in and go with whatever Windows installs automatically.
  • I just installed them for Win 7..Havent tried them yet tho.


    I just used the driver to update the GNX4 to version 1.4.

    No probs so far. Yeah!!!

    RR :)
  • ejbrookejbrook Posts: 13
    Updating the firmware actually worked. As of 11-16-2012 updating my GNX4 to the Beta Firmware 1.4 work perfectly. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I uninstalled the GNX4 drivers from windows and then let windows find the device. The midi drivers are now generic USB drivers and no longer identified as USBMAC drivers. Afterwards I reinstalled the actual GNX4 device drivers from the website and the midi drivers (listed as USB generic drivers) still work.

    In Sonar X1, and presumably X2, I setup a midi controller (digitech hands free controller) and assign the two USB drivers as in and out to the controller. Set my handsfree to USB and Presto! I start recording using my foot controller. YEAH. The link below will get you to a website that has the beta version of firmware 1.4.

    It is now 1-23-2013 and updating the firmware to vàersion 1.4 has solved all issues. I am very pleased.


    guitar3456 wrote:
    AFAIK you should not have to do much with the Vista drivers. If you installed XP drivers they probably won't work anyway.

    Do you have V1.4 firmware on the GNX4? That is supposed to remedy issues with Vista and some users of Win 7. Win 7 users have not reported many problems with V1.3.



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