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Headscratcher recording question

Here's what I would like to do:
1. Guitar into GNX4 guitar input.
2. Some effects selected (specifically, chorus).
3. Left line out into my guitar amp's input.
4. Mic placed in front of guitar amp, plugged into GNX4 mic input.
5. USB connection from GNX4 to PC.
6. ProTracks running, ready to record.
7. Record ONLY from the mic signal coming from the GNX4.

What I'm trying to do is use the GNX4 as a pedal in front of the guitar amp, but at the same time record from a mic. I do not want the processed GNX4 guitar signal to become part of the recording, just what's coming from the mic.

Is this possible? I've looked at the manual and don't see a way to exclude the processed guitar signal from travelling up the USB to the PC.

Thanks to all for any help.


  • gtausgtaus Posts: 2,680
    Read page 64 of the owner's manual. What it sounds like you want is the routing DGTR+MIC. That sends the DRY Guitar (no processing) up USB1 and the MIC up USB2. However, if you are using the mic to caputure the sound from your guitar amp, it will record your amp with any effects you have sent to the amp.

    One thing I really liked about the GNX4 was that it allowed me to play with the effects I wanted, but record a clean, dry, channel at the same time. When I listen to the dry track recording, I can tell how well I played the track. Sometimes, depending on the effects, I think my wet recording sounds great. But when I listen to the dry track, the mistakes are more obvious.

    Take care.
  • Looks like that may work.

    Just tried it and ended up with a single track recorded showing two signals...one is definitely from the mic but I don't know where the other one (supposed to be dry guitar) originates. It's not dry guitar, but rather a very low-level leak-through of all the other tracks combined. Weird.

    And although I cannot mute only the second part of the track that I don't want, there appears to be a way to lower its volume so that it can't be heard.
    Appears to be, I say, because changing the 'VOL' on that part of the track seems to make no difference.

    Will experiment some more. I'm on the right track now. (sorry about that)

    Thanks to Gtaus for the assist.
  • gtausgtaus Posts: 2,680
    It's been years since I recorded directly on my GNX4, but I do remember that you have to know how to set your recording levels on the guitar and mic before you hit that record button. It really makes a difference. The GNX4 is a great machine, with many many options, but it also requires you to dig into the manual to learn how to make the most of it. I ended up buying Anderton's \"The GNX4 Power User's Guide to the GNX4\" because I was in over my head with just the manual. Anderton's book goes into more detail, with better tables, of all the various routing options of the GNX4.

    I think the DGTR+MIC is the routing option that would work best for what you described. Sounds like the MIC track is definitely there. Spend some time playing around with the GNX4, and/or digging into the manual to make sure your recording levels are set right, and you will probably end up with both tracks recording correctly.

    Best wishes.
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