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Best Recording SW with the GNX4?

I have licenses for Reaper and Samplitude.

I bght the Reaper license when it first came out, vs the free version, as I thght it wld be very functional going forward.

Of course I have PT that came with the GNX4.

For those that have used the GNX4 coupled with recording SW, which one would/do you recommend?

RR :?:


  • gtausgtaus Posts: 2,680
    I successfully used the GNX4/Pro Tracks combination for recording on my Windows XP laptop for a few years when I first got my GNX4. I never bothered with Pro Tracks on Vista, or Win 7. I ended up buying a separate Zoom HD16CD multitrack recorder for recording my band's live gigs. Since getting my HD16, I have not used the GNX4 for recording.

    Having said that, the GNX4 recorder lays down tracks in .wav format, so you should be able to transfer any tracks to any current DAW. The GNX4 is also an audio interface for the guitar to the computer, but I don't know if Reaper recognizes the GNX4. There is a Reaper users forum that might help you there. Unfortunately, there is not much action left on the GNX4 users' forum - but you might get lucky and someone might be able to help.

    FWIW, I hear lots of good reviews about Reaper, especially the very active users' forum which really adds value to the software. I would suggest trying to work with that DAW first, just because I have heard so many guys who are very happy with Reaper.

    Pro Tracks was a good program for me back in the day, but it does not have VST plug-in support. So I moved on to other programs like Cubase. If you can get Pro Tracks to work on your computer, it's really easy to save the .wav files and transfer them back and forth to any other more capable DAW, like Reaper. Good luck.
  • Thanks gtaus..

    Yep not much actin here no mo. Only a few guys here now.

    I still want to explore the GNX4 for it's presets and jamming with drums and saving licks easily.

    I have a Akai MKI & a MKII 24 track digital recorders but haven't learn them yet either. Prob sell those soon.

    Again thanks for your input and ideas.

    I'll check the Reaper forum.

    Rick :)
  • gtausgtaus Posts: 2,680
    ...I'll check the Reaper forum.

    Rick :)

    Yeah, I think that's your best bet. Take care.
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