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Unable to run X-Edit on Mac 6.8

I just download the latest Intel X-Edit 2.7.0 from the Digitech site and installed it on my iMac. With the GNX-4 up and running, USB connected, and the Mac MIDI Studio showing the GNX-4, I connected the virtual IN/OUT wires and restarted the iMac. When I try to run X-Edit I get the following message:
\"Device Error-No valid device found. Check USB connection and try again.\" Well, I checked the connection and tried another cord with the same results.

Any clues to solve my problem :?:


  • rfreerfree Posts: 13
    DigiTech sent me XEdit_GNX4 1.5.1 Intel and it is up & running. Now if I can only figure out how to load my MFX Supermodels. When I try to \"Open\" a .g4p file it does not appear to load into X-Edit even though the name shows on the GNX pedal display. Help! Thanks
  • rfreerfree Posts: 13
    I was not able to run X-Edit on my iMac. Ended up going back to my old XP PC and downloading the newest Windows version. It runs fine. :roll: Digitech Tech says little chance the the Mac software will be tweaked. :x
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