RP360XP - no sound at all!

I have an RP360XP.
It seems to work in every way; it responds to USB commands, it stores preset changes, it accepted a firmware update, etc
BUT: it seems impossible to get any sound at all from it.
I have tried lots of inputs and both the headphone output jack and the L/R jacks.
Still no sound at all.
Factory reset - still no sound.
All kinds of changes with knobs and presets - still no sound.

Any ideas?


  • bjornlqbjornlq Posts: 3

    ...and I did a firmware update. A bit tricky, but it worked on the 2nd try - but still no sound.

  • I may be having the same problem but I get no sound only when USB is plugged in; works great standalone. This is the note I sent to Harman support:

    Hello Eric, Preston, et al,
    I appreciate your help in the past with my RP360XP; hope you can as well with this problem. When I plug the unit into my HP Windows 10 laptop via USB in order to use the Nexus editor, the guitar input is disabled! The unit's left (or right...doesn't matter) output is connected to my Fender G-DEC amp. As soon as I unplug the USB, all is back to normal; guitar's signal is processed by the RP360.
    By default, when the USB is plugged in, Windows makes the RP360 its default audio output device; youtube, whatever correctly plays through it into the G-DEC as expected... just no guitar which makes the Nexus editor useless. Even when I changed the Windows audio out back to the laptop's speakers, still no guitar thru the RP360. Nothing out the headphone jack, either.
    I downloaded the latest Nexus software and drivers, and your install procedure said I had the latest drivers already. Windows says the driver is version 10.0.18362.1 dated 3/18/2019.
    Hopefully, there's just some software switch I'm overlooking...

  • Indeed, my problem was a simple software switch. This from Eric at Harman support:
    " When you press System and get to page 2/4, take a look at the the USB/Play Mix where is it set?"
    Mine was RP 0 / USB 100.
    Thanks, Eric!

  • I have tried all of the above many times, but my RP360XP still produces no sound in any way.
    Actually, if I connect a line-out signal into the headphones jack (backwards, I know) I can hear something very faint in the left/right output jacks. Nothing else matteeerrrs.

  • Hello.. I have been facing similar problem with my rp350. But I have on input sound even when I unplugged the usb. I thought it was guitar cable or the jack but seems to be fine. If anyone can help plz reply
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