Vocalist Live 4 reverb through issue

I am the proud owner of a Digitech Vocalist 4, and I need some advice to an issue that recently occurred.
When in normal status (no pedal switched on) it sends the reverb through. It does not matter which pre-programmet setting is displayed.
Also: when a pedal is switched on to create a harmony, the guitar sounds immediately a little distorted. When pedal is off, the guitar sounds normal. There are no extra reverb on the guitar.
Somehow it seems like the reverb is on some sort of bypass.
Mixing table on vocal is completely dry. No effects, no reverb or echo.

I have tried:
Factory reset. No result.
Change guitars. No result.
Change mixing tables: No result.
Chanbe cables. No result.

I use: Shure SH55 microphone
Gretch Recording King, Framus, Ovation, Baton Rouge guitars
JBL Eon amp an speakers
Bose T1 mixer
Mackie ProFX8 mixer

Anyone with the same issue - and had it solved?

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