JAMMAN stereo all lights are on

Hi to all. My JAMman is crazy. Everything worked fine and the card and the power supply until one day after turning on I saw this thing (all the lights are on) does anyone know what it could be?


  • Sorry to hear you are experiencing sound issues with the Jam Man Stereo. First make sure you have the correct power supply. If you look at the jack by where it plugs in –

    If it says 9VAC – Power supply has to be PS0913B
    If it says 9VDC – Power supply has to be PS0913DC

    No after-market or incorrect power supply?

    Also try a reset of the Jam Man Stereo to reinitialize (this will delete all the memory on the internal memory slots, but not the expandable memory if you are using a SD Card)

    1. Press and hold the STORE button while powering up the JamMan Stereo.
    2. When the display shows Fr, release the STORE button which will now be flashing.
    3. Press the STORE button again. This display will now show r? asking if you are sure
      you want to restore the internal memory to its factory state. To abort this procedure
      at this time, press the EXIT button.
    4. To confirm the restore procedure, press and hold the STORE button until bu appears
      in the Display. The JamMan Stereo will return to normal operation shortly as indicated
      by loop memory 1 being shown in the Display
  • DimdiDimdi Posts: 4

    Power supply is ps0913B..
    When I turn on the power, all the dashboard LEDs light up instantly and none of the buttons are active((
    I have a classic Jamman mono older brother)) and with it both power supplies work fine. Probably something on the main board but thanks anyway!

  • No problem at all! Also, if you want to start a Service RA Case email [email protected] for more details.

  • Yeah that looks like it would need service in that case.

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