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Preventing accidentally erasing the a song part?

On a couple of occasions I have accidentally erased a song part by holding the Band switch too long. Is there a way to prevent this? I have thought of using a SD to MicroSD card adapter. I would put the MicroSD card in an SD card adapter, write protect it using the switch on the side of that adapter and insert the MicroSD end of the cable into the Trio+. Would that work or would the Trio+ not operate with the card write protected?

Is there an easier way?



  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,123

    That is by design, no way to prevent other than just being cognizant that holding the song button for a few seconds can delete them. Backing up your songs is recommended but yes understanding that process, holding the song button for 2 seconds (which you would never really need to do).

    Copy protection on a MicroSD would not be functional.

  • jmichaelojmichaelo Posts: 22

    Thanks. I did try to write protect the Micro SD card by placing it in a MicroSD to SD card adapter and using a cable that has an SD slot at one end and a Micro SD "card insert" at the other end. What I discovered was that the Trio+ will read the card and play the songs, even with the card write protected by using the switch on the side of the adapter. Unfortunately, when I "long press" the Band button it will erase the track even though the card is write protected. I did some digging and discovered that the lock switch on the adapter is only used by the card reader to determine if it should write to the card or not. The card reader in the Trio+ has no way of knowing the switch position so... bummer, as I thought I had a solution to accidentally erasing tracks :-(

    In any event, I like using the set-up I described because I can now manage my cards in SD card holders instead of fumbling with MicroSD cards which I am prone to drop!

  • jmichaelojmichaelo Posts: 22

    Oh, feature request for next gen Trio+, allow me to protect the cards when inserted into the Trio+. If I make changes to a song/track while the card is write protected, let me have the option of unlocking the card or just using the changes on the fly.

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