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X-Edit Version Windows 10 1909

Installed X-Edit 2.4.1 and hangs on loading presets,
Windows 10 1909
GNX3000 - GNX4


  • Mr_ScaryMr_Scary Posts: 39

    Installed X-Edit 2.7.1 and having the exact same issue.

    X-Edit hangs at loading presets

  • Mr_ScaryMr_Scary Posts: 39

    I had to run this under Window XP (Service Pack 3) Compatibility. (X-Edit 2.4.1)

    I will try (X-Edit 2.7.1) later, but If I remember correctly that was for the newer RP models only.
    If I try it out I will post here.

  • Mr_ScaryMr_Scary Posts: 39

    Works with X-Edit 2.7.1 as well

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