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Sdrum Time Settings and Software Update

Hi Digitechs,

First i wanna say that i really like the Sdrum. Its a cool and really intuitive Pedal and makes creating Ideas really easy.
But i have one Issue with it and maybe you can think about an Software Update to fix this.

In between Parts ( Verse/ChorusBridge) you can save different time signatures 3/4 or 4/4 or swing or straight mode. But what you cant change in between Songparts is the acctual Tempo of the Parts. This would be really helpfull for Half Time or Double Time switches in between Parts.

My Idea would be that you can use the Tempo Button to tab your Speed and save it to the induvidual Part and not Global.

What you think?


  • It's definitely a cool idea! I can always pass on the suggestions/feedback. While we love to hear ways to improve the products from our customers this does not guarantee a software update or update, just to set the right expectation

  • All good EElde

    As long as you guys are upen to suggestions to make your products even better i cam cool with that. :)
    Thanks for passing it on.

  • Absolutely, you're welcome!

  • On the topic of updates, here’s one for you. In addition to the Sdrum I also have your RP360 XP effects pedal. Among other cool things, the Nexus app is very handy for downloading, storing and tweaking the pedal effects. This got me thinking that a similar app for the Sdrum would be incredibly handy!
    What do you think? Possible?
    I have a mental wishlist of features that I’ll share if this in in the realm of possibilities!
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